Tenant T’s & C’s

Of course, ensuring your tenancy is trouble free is not just down to us there are certain responsiblities that you, the tenant, need to understand and adhere to also.

Tenant's responsibilities are relatively straightforward in that you are under an obligation to use the property in a 'tenant like manner' as defined in the tenancy agreement. That is to say you must look after the property and be responsible for the repair of the damage or delapidation that may be attributable to you, your family or your guests misuse or neglect.

You must communicate with us about property damage or maintenance issues promptly and in full. You are not responsible for reasonable wear and tear due to natural ageing of the fabric or contents of the property. You are however, required to treat the property and its surroundings with care, this includes consideration to neighbours over issues such as noise etc.

There are some basic requirements that you will need to meet in order to rent a property through us. If you are looking for a property and can meet the criteria below then please contact us and see if we can match your requirements to our portfolio.